Powerful Software
Accumulation of the measuring data
User-friendly data structuring and archiving
Display of spectra, forms of signals, construction of shaft beat orbits
Balancing in the own bearings
Visualization of beat of system “a generator shaft + a turbine shaft”
Visualization mechanical rotor forms (beats of poles) in rotation process
Visualization of the electromagnetic form of a rotor in rotation process
Estimation of efficiency of carrying out of modernization of a rotor
Possibility of comparison of a condition of the unit on the identical modes (generator mode, compensatory-generator mode)
Formation of the reports accessible on a local network (Standard report TCP/IP or others is used data exchange reports in coordination with the customer with use of physical reports Ethernet, RS-422/RS-485, USB, LVDS etc.)
Possibility the setting of operation threshold of the alarm system and emergency protection over the special algorithms considering various vibration parameters
The harmonious analysis
Possibility of definition functions interrelation of signals in various channels
Reliable preservation of the data
Protection against the unapproved access