With high ease of operation, universal application and practice-proven accessories, Rotor Balancer makes field balancing easy - even for less experienced staff. Operators are prompted through the steps necessary to measure and eliminate unbalance by a user-friendly menu. A novel optimisation program enables unbalance vibrations to be recorded at up to four sensor positions and reduced to a minimum by one- or two-plane balancing.

Rotor Balancer performs a broad-band measurement of absolute bearing vibrations and delivers information on the condition of the machine.

Rotor Balancer is suitable for field balancing of rotors, e.g. on pumps, blowers, electric motors or compressors.

To identify causes of vibration, Rotor Balancer provides two powerful methods of performing FFT frequency analysis: FFT analysis with constant absolute and relative band width. Both variants enable vibration mixtures measured on a machine to be separated into their harmonic portions and displayed with frequency and amplitude in the form of spectral lines. On the basis of the measured frequencies, causes of vibration can be detected and unbalanced rotors identified.

All results can be stored along with a description of the machine, sensor position and date and time, and downloaded to a PC or laptop computer. The Balancing-Report PC software supplied with the instrument enables measurement results to be output in the form of graphs or tables and imported to Windows Office programs, and permits the creation of professional balancing and measurement reports.

FFT analysis with constant absolute bandwidth
FFT with constant relative bandwidth
Tracking function to identify resonance
Vibration overall measurement
Envelope spectrum mesurements
Oscilloscope (time waveform function)
Static/dynamic balancing
Bearing fault detection
Polar graphic display
Up to 4 measurement points obtainable
Polar & component correction
Balancing-Report software
Data collection software