Balancing-Report Software
The analyzer mode data can be transported into the DB structure with creation of respective measures.
The station, train, point, measure and data quantity is not limited
The stations and trains with identical identificators are united
The points inside of a train are united if they have identical identificators, measurement directions and probe types
There can be points with identical identificators inside of a train
The measures inside of a point are united if they are of the same type and have identical measurement units
There can be measures with identical identificators inside of a point
All balancing results can be recorded in the Rotor Balancer along with a description of the machine, sensor position, date and time.

Measurement data can also be downloaded to a PC or laptop for filing and further analysis using Balancing-Report PC software supplied with the instrument. The Balancing-Report software offers a userfriendly environment to store and manage unbalance data.

Users can create expert balancing reports with Bode and Nyquist plots and cascade/waterfall charts. Measurement results can also then be imported to other programs in the Windows Office suite such as Word or Excel for further processing.
The database has a unique dedicated structure that provides for the maximum rate of operation, small required capacities of the working and disk memory and the effective protection against extreme failures, such as, for example, sudden PC power disconnection.

The system provides for the use of Rotor Balancer instrument as data collector. The downloading of examination routes into the data collector, periodic examinations and downloading of both route and analyzer mode data into the DB are as computerized as possible, which enables the performance of these operations even by unskilled personnel.

As the analyzer mode data are uploaded into the DB, a hierarchical system of their storage and representation is generated based on the station, train, point and measure identificators using the following rules:
Data Collection Software