Highest balance sensitivity - up to 0.1 gmm/kg
Two plane balancing
On-machine correction (Drill, Mill, Grind) can be added to maximize efficiency and precision in production
Automatic additional turn of a rotor on a required angle
Touch screen balancing computer, with all accessories needed for balancing
Vertical Balancing Machines

Vertical balancing machines for flywheels, pulleys, fans, impellers, wheels, tires, etc.
  Standard Specifications V-20 V-60 V-1500
Max. weight capacity, kg 20 60 1500
Max. diameter, mm 400 1000 1300
Max. thickness, mm 330 400 450
Max. balancing speed, rev/min 2000 2000 1000
Sensitivity, gmm/kg 0.1
Drive motor AC 1.5 kW AC 2.2 kW AC 7.5 kW
Number of correction planes 1 - 2
Specifications are for standard machines; modifications are available to meet specific requirements.
Vertical balancing machine V-20
Vertical balancing machine V-20
Vertical balancing machine V-20
Vertical balancing machine V-60
Vertical balancing machine V-1500
Vertical balancing machine V-1500
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