Horizontal Soft-Bearing Balancing Machines

High precision balancing machines for all types of rotors with masses from 5 grams up to 90 tons.
Highest balance sensitivity - up to 0.05 gmm/kg
Broad rotor weight range in each machine
Anti-friction bearing work supports eliminate time-consuming alignment procedures. Bearings have a flat, wide-contact surface to carry rotors without damaging journals
Balance at lower and safer speeds
The machine installed without foundations, not required expensive construction of special concrete foundations
Transportable, modular design
Special screw-jacks for loading heavy rotors on the balancing machine
Automatic additional turn of a rotor on a required angle
Touch screen balancing computer, with all accessories needed for balancing
The highest quality of manufacturing
  Balancing machines for extremely small and lightweight rotors
  Model Capacity
  BM-003 0.005 - 3 kg
  BM-010 0.03 - 8 kg
  Balancing machines for lightweight rotors
  BM-050 0.5 - 50 kg
  BM-300 3 - 300 kg
  Balancing machines for medium weight rotors
  BM-1000 10 - 1.000 kg
  BM-3000 30 - 3.000 kg
  BM-5000 50 - 5.000 kg
  BM-10000 80 - 10.000 kg
  Balancing machine for roll balancing
  BM-20000 1.000 - 20.000 kg
  Balancing machines for steam turbine rotors
  BM-25000 6.000 - 25.000 kg
  BM-36000 7.000 - 40.000 kg
  BM-65000 9.000 - 65.000 kg
  BM-90000 10.000 - 90.000 kg
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