Horizontal soft-bearing balancing machines for steam turbine rotors

Universal soft-bearing balancing machines for highly precise balancing of a steam turbine rotors with masses up to 90 tons.

  Standard Specifications BM-25000 BM-36000 BM-65000 BM-90000
Weight Capacity, tons 6 - 25 7 - 40 9 - 65 9 - 90
Max. rotor diameter, mm 4000
Distance between the centers of rotor bearing journals, mm 900 - 7500 900 - 8500 1500 - 10000 1500 - 12000
Shaft journal diameter range, mm 50 - 500 150 - 530
Sensitivity, gmm/kg 0.1 0.4 0.2
Balancing speed, rev/min     100 - 200
Drive motor AC 35 kW AC 37 kW AC 50 kW AC 50 kW
Drive type   End (standard)
End + Belt (option)
Standard base length, mm 10000 12750 14000 17000
Machine weight, tons 15 16 18 20

Specifications are for standard machines; modifications are available to meet specific requirements.

    Machine model Year
Mosenergo central repair factory BM-36000 1999
Surgut thermal power plant - 1 BM-36000 2001
Tumen thermal power plant BM-36000 2001
Nizhnovenergo BM-36000 2001
Kamenergoremont BM-36000 2001
Nizhnevartovsk thermal power plant BM-36000
Talimardgan thermal power plant BM-36000 2002
Tobolsk thermal power plant BM-36000 2003
Konakovo thermal power plant BM-36000 2004
Chelyabenergoremont BM-36000 2006
Teploenergoservice BM-36000 2006
Turbinist BM-36000 2006
MAEK-Kazatomprom BM-36000 2006
Krasnoyarsk thermal power plant BM-36000 2008
West Siberian Metallurgical Industrial Complex BM-36000 2008
Energoremont, Ufa BM-65000 2007
Verhny Tagil thermal power plant BM-65000 2008
Perm thermal power plant BM-90000 2003
Surgut thermal power plant - 2 BM-90000 2003
Smolensk nuclear power plant BM-90000 2007
Kursk nuclear power plant BM-90000 2007
St. Petersburg nuclear power plant BM-90000
Kashira thermal power plant BM-90000 2008
Balancing Machine BM-36000
Balancing Machine BM-36000
Balancing Machine BM-36000 with additional belt drive
Balancing Machine BM-36000
Balancing Machine BM-36000
Balancing Machine BM-36000 with turning/grinding complex
Special Complex with computer operating system for turning/grinding operations
Transportable balancing machine BM-36000
Balancing Machine BM-65000
Balancing Machine BM-65000
Balancing Machine BM-90000
Balancing Machine BM-90000
Balancing Machines BM-3000, BM-36000, BM-90000
Highest balance sensitivity - up to 0.1 gmm/kg in all range
Broad rotor weight range in each machine
Anti-friction bearing work supports eliminate time-consuming alignment procedures. Bearings have a flat, wide-contact surface to carry rotors without damaging journals
Balance at lower and safer speeds
The machine installed without foundations, not required expensive construction of special concrete foundations
Transportable, modular design
Special Complex with computer operating system for turning/grinding operations, which can be used with transportable balancing machine
Geometric tolerance measurement system
Automatic additional turn of a rotor on a required angle
Touch screen balancing computer, with all accessories needed for balancing
The highest quality of manufacturing
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