Bearing Test Rig
Roller Bearing Test Rig
  Type of bearings for diagnosis
Type of bearings Type of load
  Radial load Axial load
Deep groove ball bearing (DGBB) (single and double row) - +
Self aligning ball bearing (SABB) + -
Angular contact ball bearing (ACBB) + +
Roller bearing with cylindrical rollers (single and double row) + -
Spherical roller bearing (SRB) + +
Roller bearing with conical rollers + +

  Technical Parameters
Inner diameter of controlled bearing, mm   30 - 180 (220)*
Outer diameter of controlled bearing, mm   40 - 420
Width of controlled bearing, mm   10 - 125
Sensors   1 vibration sensor
  1 temperature sensor
  1 laser speed sensor
  2 induction sensors
Frequency range of vibration sensor, Hz   25 - 10000
Diagnosis speed, rev/min   0 - 2000
The load exerted on the bearing, kg

  2.5 - 170
  2.5 - 280
The time of diagnosis of a bearing without time for installation, removal and heating bearing on the stand, min   0.5 - 10
Amplitude of vibration acceleration control, m/s2   0.2 - 500
Power supply   3 phase, 380 B
Dimensions, mm   1500 x 690 x 1450
Machine weight, kg   380
* possible, control bearings with inner diameter exceeding 180 mm, provided that the outer diameter of less than 420 mm.
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Bearing Test Rig
Bearing Test Rig SP-180M
DIAMECH 2000 Ltd.
Vibration Diagnostics & Balancing Machines
Designed for validation of design data of roller bearings through actual testing at application loads and speeds by vibration characteristics, also allows to detect defects in the rolling surface, the separator and the geometric distortion on a new and repaired bearings.
Measuring System
In the measuring system memory pre-installed data on the radial and axial test load, the required rotation frequency to desired bearing diagnosis. Based on these parameters, the operator adjusts the machine SP-180M and produces a bearing diagnosis.
Bearing testing
Bearing testing
Bearing testing
Vibration measurement
Vibration analysis (narrowband spectral analysis of vibration in three frequency bands of vibration and acceleration, analysis of the envelope and the envelope spectrum, excess and crest factor, direct spectrum vibration, velocity, acceleration, 1/3 octave and other filters.
Control of machine in the modes of acceleration, deceleration
Control of test load pneumatic cylinders
Measuring the speed of rotation of bearing cages (optional)
Measurement of internal clearances in the bearings (optional)
Static processing of measurement results
Reports in MS Word format
Self-test function
Touch screen display
Mode of assessing the bearing quality by the envelope spectrum
  Measured Parameters
  1 Band, Hz 2 Band, Hz 3 Band, Hz Overall Level, Hz
Velocity 50 - 300 300 - 1800 1800 - 10000 50 - 10000
Acceleration 50 - 300 300 - 1800 1800 - 10000 50 - 10000
Vibration Diagnostics and Balancing Machines
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