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Rotor Balancer, is introducing a powerful new instrument for field balancing. The compact Rotor Balancer is the ideal tool for identifying and correcting rotor unbalance in situ and determining the state of balance of your machines. A unique combination of features gives operators complete onsite balancing capability - even with the standard equipment.

Rotor Balancer - the ideal tool for analysing plant and machine vibration and for field balancing.
Rotor Balancer - the ideal tool for field balancing and machine analysis
Best value for money
Balancing, vibration analysis and data collection in single unit
Software for balancing and data collection included
2 simultaneous measuring
Frequency range: 2 - 10,000 Hz
Compact aluminium housing, rugged and shockproof design
6 hours battery life
Over 1500 units sold!
300 units sold under the brand name Smart Balancer (Schenck RoTec, Germany).

The most popular vibration analyzer in Russia.
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