Balancing speed range: 120 to 8000 rev/min
Balancing in one, two or four planes
Touch screen flat LCD
High measuring accuracy even with short balancing cycles
Auto calibration
Display correction angles for independently adding or removing rotor balance weights
Automatic additional turn of a rotor on a required angle, angle encoder for the display of the angular position of the rotor
Rotor memory storage for up to 500 different rotors internally
Vector splitting of unbalance corrections
Vector addition of unbalance corrections for combining weights
Semi automatic or manual balance mode cycles available
English firmware
USB interface for flash drive or printer
Balancing Machines Instrumentation

Easy to use computer balancing instrument for Soft-bearing and Hard-bearing balancing machines.

The instrument electronics provides a wide range of balancing speeds, high measurement accuracy and unique signal filtering.

Modern software design optimised for operation using a touch screen monitor, with which you quickly achieve results. You use your forefinger to control all functions and communicate with the balancing machine.

Balancing instrument Sapphire
Balancing instrument Sapphire
Balancing instrument Sapphire
Balancing instrument Sapphire
Balancing instrument Sapphire
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