Horizontal soft-bearing balancing machines for lightweight rotors

Universal soft-bearing balancing machines for highly precise balancing of a wide spectrum of rotors with masses from 0.5 up to 300 kg.
  Standard Specifications BM-050 BM-300
Weight Capacity, kg 0.5 - 50 3 - 300
Max. rotor diameter, mm 700 1800
Distance between the centers of rotor bearing journals, mm 120 - 1110 180 - 1410
Shaft journal diameter range, mm 10 - 200 12 - 200
Sensitivity, gmm/kg 0.1
Balancing speed, rev/min 350 - 1500
Drive motor AC 1.1 kW AC 1.5 kW
Drive type Belt
Standard base length, mm 1500 1600
Machine weight, kg 120 520

Specifications are for standard machines; modifications are available to meet specific requirements.
Balancing Machine BM-050
Balancing Machine BM-050
Balancing Machine BM-300
Balancing Machine BM-300
Balancing Machine BM-300
Balancing Machine BM-300
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Highest balance sensitivity - up to 0.05 gmm/kg
The machine installed without foundations, not required expensive construction of special concrete foundations
Transportable, modular design
Touch screen balancing computer, with all accessories needed for balancing
The highest quality of manufacturing
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